Goldsmiths MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Goldsmiths, University Of London (GS)




 JoinSorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.Hi Welcome to Goldsmiths MMA club!We're a mixed group of martial artists, focusing on developing fighting technique, primarily in Muay Thai (striking) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (grappling). We are a relaxed club and don't care much for gradings - instead, we focus on building confidence in your ability.We don't care how good you are, only that you give 100% when you are at training. We also have a social side to the club too - so if you want to get fit and meet new people this might be for you!We have individual memberships for striking/grappling, or a combined membership if you'd like to learn both!Training Schedule DayTimeLocationStrikingMondays7:00PM - 9:00PMGarden RoomStrikingWednesdays7:00PM - 9:00PMGarden RoomGrappling(gi)Saturdays12:00PM - 3:00PMGarden RoomGrappling(no-gi)Sundays3:00PM - 6:00PMGarden RoomOur Facebook groups are always most updated - you can check for updates here: Striking/Grappling Membership (£50): Access to all Striking OR Grappling sessions through the year! One or the other only.Combined Striking+Grappling Membership (£90): Access to all Striking AND Grappling sessions through the year! Plus, a £10 discount ;)Alumni / Non-students / CommunityAlumni / Non-students: Single Striking/Grappling Membership (£70): For alumni / non-students. Access to all Striking OR Grappling sessions through the year! One or the other only.Alumni / Non-students: Combined Striking+Grappling Membership (£110): For alumni / non-students. Access to all Striking AND Grappling sessions through the year! Plus, a £10 discount ;)You may also have a FREE SESSION for striking and grappling each to try it out and see if it's for you! After that, please make sure to pay so that you'll be covered under the university's insurance.The Gear!This is a combat sport, so these are essential for the sake of your and others' bodies! We have a limited amount of equipment available - but eventually you'll want your own, as we often don't have enough to go around and honestly, they get quite smelly. You can find some great deals on Amazon and Sports Direct. For BJJ, we can help get discounted gear - just talk to us! Let us know if you need more help/advice.STRIKING1) Boxing gloves, 12oz - 16oz 2) Hand wraps3) Shin pads4) Gum shield (a MUST if you want to join our end-of-session sparring!)GRAPPLING1) Rashguards2) Gi (for gi sessions)3) Gum shieldCLUB RULES1) Give it your all in training. You get out what you put in.2) Be respectful of your peers and whoever is running the session. 3) Support and encourage one another.4) No egos!!Join our club committeeWe are looking for new students to join our club's leadership committee for the upcoming 2021.22 season. For more information please click > HERE!Sport Hardship FundStudents who are experiencing financial difficulty are welcome to apply for the Sports Hardship Fund. There is no deadline, but aplications will be reviewed on a 1st-come-1st served basis. To apply please click > HERECONTACT US!Facebook: / @goldsmithsmma