Global Luxury Business

London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)

About Global Luxury Business
With the aim to provide a clear picture of the inner workings of the business of luxury and how to get your foot in the door, the GLBS will enable LSE students to explore the different industry areas of the field: Fashion & Accessories, Cosmetics & Fragrances, Watches & Jewellery, Automobiles, Wine & Spirits, Hospitality, etc. Through industry presentations, networking events and panel discussions with a plethora of professionals from the different sectors, students will be able to engage with them on crucial topics related to their respective fields. We also host internal brainstorming workshops to allow students to apply knowledge acquired during events to the present and come up with innovative product ideas, collaborations and solutions to real-life challenges. The luxury industry is constantly evolving and innovating, and today’s consumers, with millennials and generation Z representing a large part of the market, have ever-changing as well as increasing expectations of luxury brands and the services they provide, compared to what was expected 50 years ago. Therefore, the GLBS wishes to explore various themes, such as the quest for sustainability and responsibility, Fairtrade, the rising importance of collaborations in new luxury, digital luxury & social media, customer demographics and women in the luxury supply chain. Furthermore, we aim to delve into the massive impact that the current Covid-19 pandemic has had on the industry.By intentionally being a ‘Global’ society, we hope to be as all-encompassing as possible in terms of our reach in Luxury business topics, companies and sectors. Our previous events: In conversation with Mia Lei, Ceo of Miasuki: starting up in the luxury industry, establishing brand meaning and staying competitive in times of crisis.In conversation with Idalia Salsamendi, Brand and Influencer Business Strategist: influencer marketing and the importance of authentic digital content in the luxury industry. In conversation with Virginie Pithon, Field Coach at Louis Vuitton: self-leadership, building awareness of stress responses, and setting long-term goals in times of change - Workshop Series. LSE x Warwick x UCL - Luxury Product Creation Competition.In conversation with Pierre-Louis Marchal, E-Commerce Manager at IWC Schaffhausen: entering the luxury goods industry, luxury maisons moving into e-commerce, and new ways of brand marketing. In conversation with Ted Lelekas, Brand Ambassador, Central and Southern Europe at Moët Hennessy: storytelling in luxury business - Workshop Series.