Gliding Club

University College London (UCL)




UCL Gliding Club provides easy access to the incredible sport of gliding. Winch launch for just £8!No experience is required to join and instruction is provided free of charge.You will mostly receive training in our very own ASK21 two-seat training glider, with no soaring fees! We also own two single seat gliders, an ASW19 and a Ka6cr, for pilots who reach solo standard. We fly on weekends at the reputable RAF Halton airfield all year round (weather permitting). For an opportunity to get to know other UCL Gliding Club members, join us for our fun weekly Sports Nights on Wednesdays. During the spring and summer months, expeditions are held to other gliding sites such as our annual expedition to the renowned Portmoak airfield in Scotland. For ticketing information please click here. UCL Gliding Club have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.    This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited