German Society

University College London (UCL)




Willkommen!Join UCL German Society, one of UCL's largest cultural societies with over 300 members every year! We are the place for anyone interested in German culture and¬†the German language. This includes Germans and non-Germans.¬†We offer:German language classes¬†for all levels of fluency ‚Äď completely¬†FREE for our members!A fortnightly Stammtisch (social), where you can meet other Germans and people interested in Germany.Kaffee und Kuchen¬†‚Ästsome good coffee with good¬†cake, and some¬†chat with like-minded people.Career events with our Sponsors BCG and McKinsey and CompanyEvents with the German EmbassyJoint events with other German Societies in the UK, events where you can meet like-minded people from¬†Imperial College, King's College, LSE, Oxford and Cambridge!German film screenings (Kinoabende), so you can practise your understanding of German, or simply enjoy a German film!¬†Also:We host¬†the official¬†UCL Oktoberfest!We¬†arrange¬†German plays,¬†Christmas Market Trips, and trips to Berlin!¬†Don‚Äôt forget to join our mailing list (find a link here:, follow us on Facebook and join our Facebook group¬†for important updates about upcoming events.If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact us at¬†[email¬†protected]!¬†** Which events are included in the Remote Membership? **The remote membership gives you access to our Welcome and Induction events, to German film screenings/watch-alongs and to our WhatsApp Group.All other events require a one-time purchase of our full membership (we use this to pay our teachers, speakers, etc.).¬†UCLU German Society have signed the¬†Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment¬†Pledge.¬†