Gaming Society

University Of Roehampton

About Gaming Society
A society for people interested in all forms of casual video, card, board games and more. Roehampton Gaming Society features many oppertunities for people to play various casual video games, board & card games and other roleplaying games including Dungeons & Dragons, plus in a safe social environment. We welcome new members eagerly and are always happy to play new games / play test games or campaigns members develop. Due to covid we don't yet know what rooms or times we will be able to use. If you follow us on our social media however we will keep everyone updated on changes as they develop! Speaking of social media...Our main means of communication is through Facebook and Instagram, where we post details for our weekly meetings, articles of interest and events in and around London that we will often try and get to (wallets permitting!). Our secondary means of communication is discord! This is where we will be hosting our online events and games, you can also join and talk with the other members to try and get to know a few new people before you join in on events! Link here: feel free to contact any member of the RGS team through Facebook, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. NOTE: Due to Covid-19, Gaming Sessions are mostly taking place online. You can participate with us through the society Discord.