Gaming Society

University College London (UCL)




Join our Discord server: for weekly community activities, game nights, tournaments and socials!This society was founded on three main principles to which every committee strives to uphold, and they are:Develop the competitive scene at UCL.Discover the highly skilled players at UCL and provide an environment for them to grow and advance their skills.Provide opportunities for top players to represent UCL at tournaments and play against other highly skilled gamers.Organise scrims and showmatches against other university teams (including LANs).Promote the surrounding roles in the E-Sports industry via our own broadcasts with commentators, streamers, and also having analysts, coaches, team managers etc.Foster the social environment for gamers.Have regular gaming nights/LAN parties for players of all games to get together and have fun.Stream live gaming events on campus for students to enjoy their favourite pros play.Host socials such as pub meets, quiz nights, festive parties, paintball and other fun things for students to meet one another.Be accessible to all people and games.Make all events and activities we organise open to all students regardless of gender, country of origin, age, religion and other diverse backgrounds.Support all types of games from console and PC, and including FPS, MOBA, MMORPG, RTS, fighting games, sports games etc. Encourage a friendly environment.Gaming officers for games with sizeable followings with the responsiblity of looking after their community.