French Society

King's College London (KCL)




The French Society is a cultural organization held by students for students. It is one of many King’s College London’s societies – one of KCL’s major cultural societies. The society is open to all King’s students, making it a very interesting place where students meet and share their interest in the French culture. Our aim is to build a great, strong and bonded group of people.  We organize a big range of events, going from socials such as our famous French Apéro to cultural events such as conferences staring external speakers, daytime activities and above all, a big trip with all our members to celebrate the end of the academic year.  We will also be promoting as we have done for the previous years the European Nights, giving an opportunity for all European students to meet and share amazing nights in famous Londonian clubs. But what does the membership offer? DISCOUNTED ACCESS to all our social events such as our Our WELCOME WEEK from the 4th to the 9th of October, Halloween and Exam's celebration party, European Nights and much more...  PRIORITIZED ACCESS and DISCOUNTS to all of our parties, socials conferences + FIRST TICKETS to the BIG TRIP at the end of the years. SUBSCRIPTION to our monthly newsletter to stay updated on our events.
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