Francophone Society

Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)




Coucou ! Salut ! Bonjour ! Bienvenue !We are the Francophone Society, for lovers of all things French.¬†What does the word¬†"francophone" mean?¬†francophoneadjective French-speaking. "a summit of francophone countries" noun a person who speaks French. ¬†What is the logo?For our new logo commencing 2021, we have incorporated the five-coloured circular logo of La Francaphonie, whereby each colour represents each continent where French is spoken in the world.¬†"The Francophonie is a an institution organizing relations between countries which have the French language in common. ... Its aim is to promote the French language and cooperation between the 84 Member States and governments." -¬†¬†The¬†motto of La Francophonie¬†is:√©galit√©, compl√©mentarit√©, solidarit√©which translates to:equality, complementarity, and solidarity¬†We hope to share these values in our society and have a wonderful year full of fun French-themed events!¬†~Get your memberships~Remember to buy a membership so you can be involved in the socials we have planned throughout the year!¬†¬†¬†√Ä bient√īt !Dalia et Izabel¬†See you soon!Dalia and Izabel¬†¬†¬†President: Dalia KTreasurer: Izabel I¬†