Formula Student Society

Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)




Queen Mary Formula Student - A team of dedicated young individuals part of Queen Mary University of London who are passionate about motorsports and eager to compete in the Formula Student Competition. WELCOME TO QUEEN MARY FORMULA STUDENT We are a student-run society filled with members from various degree programmes. Join a team of dedicated students passionate about motorsports and eager to compete. We ambitiously seek to participate at Silverstone in the IMechE Formula Student competition by designing, building and racing an F1 style single-seat race car. This will be QMUL’s fourth Formula Student car to compete in July 2022. The main competition involves the car we have designed and built being inspected, being dynamically tested together with a business presentation introducing its costs and design. Learn more about the Formula Student competition here. ASSOCIATE TEAM The associate team is where new members are helped to prepare for taking on more responsibility in QMFS in future years. Here, members will learn CAD (Solidworks licence included), presentation skills, the mechanics of building a race car and hands-on experience. Gain highly valued soft skills such as organising events, financing and marketing. Formula Student is not simply an engineering competition - it seeks to emulate a professional race team so there are many opportunities for those interested in business and operations. Associate Team applications are now open! Fill in this form by the 3rd of October 2021 to apply. SENIOR TEAM A combination of ambitious students working within the Engineering or Operations department, collaborating to create an operational race car, acquiring sponsorships, managing finances and marketing. There are eleven departments within QMFS- ranging from Powertrain and Chassis to Marketing and Finance. We have members from various departments including Engineering, Business, Film & Drama, Economics and Computer Science. From teamwork to technical knowledge, you will learn invaluable skills that will carry you through university and into your chosen career. Join our team for leadership and networking opportunities, meeting new students from across the years and departments and be part of our success. Applications for the Senior Team are also currently open. Fill in this form to apply. Any queries? Contact us through