Football Club (RUMS Men's)

University College London (UCL)




We are RUMSFC, the Medics' Men's Football Club at UCL. Whether you've never kicked a ball before or you're the next Ronaldo, RUMSFC is the club for you. We offer regular competitive football for our four 11-aside teams, including league and prestigious UH (University Hospital) Cup fixtures. The first team also have the opportunity to play in the monumental Varsity match against our GKT (King's Medics) Rivals to a large audience! Alongside this, we host weekly socials, including the highly-anticipated 'SportsNight' at Mully's Basement Bar on Gower Street every Wednesday evening (@7:30pm- Don't be late!). There are also TWO tours in the year, where members get a chance to visit exotic and cultural wonders of the UK and abroad, as well as the opportunity to play in the exclusive NAMS Medical Schools Football Tournament, which we've never lost to date. RUMSFC provides regular education and tutorials for its members that are tailored specifically to the medical school curriculum, in order to support our members with their academic work. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities to get involved with too, as the club volunteers with local youth clubs to support football in local communities. In summary: RUMSFC is a wonderful club and a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, experience new things, and of course, play the beautiful game.      This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited