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Hello! The LSESU Film Society is a welcoming space for cinephiles and movie lovers. Our main focus is on films outside the traditional Hollywood blockbusters, to expand your appreciation for cinema beyond the commonplace. From award-winning to indie, from Taiwanese classics to German arthouse, we would love for you to join us in exploring the varieties of cinema available today. Founded in 2010, the aim of the LSESU Film Society is to entertain, educate and challenge the LSE community through the medium of cinema. But beyond that, we wish to provide for you a community of like-minded individuals, for you to find some really awesome people to talk about the films you like with.Due to the COVID-19 regulations, our committee has organised virtual screenings and social events on discord server. However we also have a few in-person socials with health and safety measures in place, (ie. contact tracing for in-person events). We are committed to ensuring the wellbeing of our community. Membership Our membership fee is £4 for the entire year, and purchasing a membership to our society will give you full access to ALL our events, socials, subsidised excursions and the discord server this year. Your membership fee goes to funding our movie licences, special events, and providing the refreshments and subsidies you will enjoy.As a member of this society, you join a community of enthusiastic, film-loving, individuals. We are a welcoming society - whether you love action flicks, slapstick comedy or the most abstract arthouse cinema, you will find friends with similar tastes. Events and Activities We host virtual film screenings every week on Wednesdays and hold post-screening discussions. We also organize subsidised trips to the cinema every term and host many other exciting socials, such as film pub quizzes. In Lent term, we also organise a trip to the Berlinale Film Festival, however this might be under revision due to the COVID-19 climate.We have loads of exciting ideas for you to get in on: collaborations with other societies, and more intimate get-togethers like picnics.Due to COVID-19, the types of events we offer are mostly virtual in accordance to health and safety regulations. While we are hoping to offer screenings with social distancing measures in place later in the year, most events in Michaelmas term are online with the exception of the outdoor picnics (week 1), subsidized excursions to the cinema (week 4 and 8) and the pub social (week 11). For Lent term, with the new government guidance, all events will be online and we have a range of fun online socials such as Among Us, Skribblio, Pub Quizzes with PRIZES!The full calendar of MT events: The full calendar of LT events:How to access our virtual events on DiscordOur screenings will be virtual this term and to facilitate this, we will be utilizing the Discord server. This discord server will be the main program through which our virtual screenings and post-movie discussions will be held. It’s a community with which you will be able to talk to fellow film enthusiasts - with specific channels for your favourite films, genres, directors and more throughout the year. Remember to keep our schedule close, and hop on whenever it’s the assigned time! There is no fuss with Zoom links - just a reliable, consistent place to visit every week.For those unfamiliar with discord, it’s an incredible way to hold discussions and meetings. Here’s how you get started: Download the discord application, or open it in your browser (we recommend downloading for ease of use): [] ( Create a free account. Use whatever name you feel comfortable - your pseudonym or your real name, just one that represents you! Join the server through our link. Please message us on Facebook Messenger for the link once you have purchased your membership. Play around! Explore the different functions and see which one you fancy. If there’s any specific channel you would like to see, message the moderators (our committee members). Everything you need to know about how to use every room and channel on the server has been set out in the respective sections, with the additional server rules and housekeeping matters. If you have any other questions, do send us a message! We hope to see all of you there, we’re so excited to hang out with you all. Join our Whatsapp Group (members only)We hope to get everyone chatting to each other more on here especially on film nights for everyone watching the film at the same time! Ask for the link to the group on Facebook Messenger. When you join, please introduce yourself so we can put a number to a name!