Imperial College London (ICL)




The Fellwanderers is the hiking club of Imperial College London. We cater to all abilities and tastes, with activities ranging from relaxing countryside strolls, to epic mountain hikes, to chill socials; you will definitely find something here to suit you! As one of the most diverse clubs at imperial, the Fellwanderers offer a way to discover Britain unlike any other society. We organise fortnightly weekend trips to the most stunning locations in UK, including Snowdonia and the Lake District, while on the weeks in between we go and enjoy the charming countryside around London for leisurely day walks. At the end of each term, we also organise longer tours in the UK and beyond, with recent destinations including Scotland, Iceland, Italy and the Alps. The best thing about all this (apart from the views) is that everything is made cheaper through subsidies! Between all the hikes, we like to rest our feet and take a break from our studies by hosting multiple socials throughout the year. Join us to experience our legendary termly bar nights, to brave through our extended movie marathons, or to just have lots of fun with like-minded people! If seeing the best the British countryside can offer with some of the friendliest people at Imperial sounds like something you’d enjoy, join the Fellwanderers!