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Esports¬†Brunel Esports provides a community for a wide array of games. We support major Esports titles, including League of Legends, VALORANT, Overwatch, Rainbow 6: Siege, Rocket League, CS:GO, and more!¬†¬†The society aims to provide and build on an already existing friendly community of gamers and is welcome to people of all abilities - competitive or casual. Along with our main Esport titles, we are open to supporting other games provided there is enough backing. As a community, we are always open to playing other non competitive multiplayer games as we are a social bunch! Each year we enter various inter University tournaments such as NUEL and NSE ‚Äď these tournaments are open to everyone provided you are a Brunel student. There are usually try outs for the first team of each game, but you are still more than welcome to join a different team regardless of your ability if you want to participate for fun (many people do so!).¬†¬†We primarily operate on Discord and have a server. We will send a Discord invite¬†to your university email once you have¬†purchased¬†a membership. If you did not recieve one then please message shai#9999 on Discord with your full name and student number. We have dedicated game chats, game "reps" who organise customs within their respective games, and other multiplayer casual¬†games at times (e.g Among Us, Jackbox Party Pack).We also host in house tournaments within the society with prizes. These tournaments are open to all abilities and teams are balanced accordingly, however participation here (and in our NUEL and NSE teams) requires a Brunel Esports society membership (¬£3.50). The tournaments we host are mainly for our main games with a larger player base within the community, but we are open to suggestions!The games which we currently support and have spaces on our server to engage with: - League of Legends - VALORANT - Overwatch - Rainbow 6: Siege - Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Rocket League- Dota 2 - Card Games (Magic The Gathering, Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra)¬†Other games:- OSU!- Fighting Games¬†- Monster Hunter- Among Us- Fall Guys- Jackbox Party Packs + more!¬†For more information, feel free to email the society committee. Committee:President:¬†Asia Ogden¬†( - Discord: shai#9999Treasurer: Harry MephamWeb Officer: Nafees AminSecretary: Kian OsmondEvents Officer: Alex Besley¬†( - Discord: AlexB#7805Brunel Esports 2020/21¬†¬†