Edukeeners Society

University College London (UCL)




Join the diverse community of¬†Edukeeners¬†in their pursuit of knowledge-sharing and innovative thinking in the field of education!¬†The¬†Edukeeners¬†Society resulted from a¬†group¬†of postgraduate students coming together in autumn of 2020¬†to share¬†our¬†passion in education.¬†¬†At first,¬†this provided¬†a forum for¬†much needed¬†social¬†interaction¬†and academic discourse¬†during¬†our¬†first months at UCL. But we soon understood the real value of the group ‚Ästlearning from each other‚Äôs personal and professional experiences in education.¬†The¬†Edukeeners¬†community boasts membership from diverse¬†personal and professional¬†backgrounds, which has¬†helped¬†foster¬†stimulating and inspiring debates.¬†So, regardless of whether you‚Äôre an undergraduate or postgraduate student, studying a degree related to education or not, we¬†encourage all those with¬†dreams of building a better tomorrow through the transformative power of education¬†to join.¬†We are a very active society,¬†having met¬†in Term 1 and 2¬†of this academic year¬†(2020/21) 28 time for¬†weekly¬†online¬†meet-ups, 4 times for exec committee meetings, 4 times to share learning, 3 times to speak to faculty members¬†and 4¬†time to simply socialise!¬†Here are some of our current and planned activities going forward:¬†Regular Meet-ups¬†‚Äď the main forum where members¬†have weekly catch-ups,¬†discuss topics of interest in education and learn¬†from one another through sharing of¬†personal¬†and professional¬†experiences.¬†Knowledge Transfer¬†events ‚Äď where¬†Edukeeners, faculty members¬†and external speakers¬†will be zooming in on an issue and share their knowledge and wisdom with other fellow¬†Edukeeners. Sessions so far covered topics such as blended learning (Emma Langridge,¬†Lee Blowers¬†and¬†Graeme Austin - see recording),¬†child development (by Darron Edwards) and dissertation workshops (by Prof Lasfer Meziane, lecturer at City University) - recording available on request). Next up we have a session on Music in Education (by Kathy Hart - date TBC).Fireside Chats - where students can have a casual conversation with their faculty members. So far the list of guests included Dr Russel Smith, Dr Natasha Kersh and¬†Dr. Katya Saville. Next up we have Dr Jeremy Hayward, on Wed, 9¬†June - follow this Eventbrite link to register.¬†Mingling events¬†‚Äď we can't build¬†a community without a little bit of fun so we run¬†seasonal socials, Coffee Roulettes, Speed friending and other networking events.¬†About the 'Designing Education' ProjectThe Edukeeners Society is happy to promote this¬†student-led ChangeMakers Project¬†which¬†invites you to take part in an exciting thought experiment on ‚Äėwhat could compulsory education look like if we were to re-DESIGN it?‚Äô.¬†The project¬†proposes to bring together students and faculty members to think innovatively about age-old challenges in education in a series of 6¬†thought provoking workshops. To find out how to get involved check out¬†the ‚ÄėDesigning Education‚Äô website. It contains¬†a more detailed¬†project description, list of¬†workshop themes¬†and¬†timeline.
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