DJ x EMS Society

Goldsmiths, University Of London (GS)




Goldsmiths DJ x Electronic Music Society is a safe space for DJ's, producers and fans of electronic music. We represent all parts of DJ, dance and club culture and have a diverse board of representatives, each one of us with different niches.Our aim is to create a safe space for all (particularly welcoming LGBTQ+ and BAME backgrounds) and to bring the community together in a positive way; whether you are a beginner, or someone with experience or new to the London scene wanting to get their foot in the door, we can put you in touch with the community and help build a fun and friendly DJ culture at Goldsmiths as organically as possible.We are not only just open to DJ’s but also photographers, promoters, those interested in audio-visual cultures. If you have a passion for dance music and club culture you have a place here. Although Covid-19 has presented a challenge to us this year there are still many ways the society can benefit you. Firstly, we will provide you with a community of creatives to collaborate with and get to know. Secondly there will be DJ opportunities and other ways to get involved with our events, just as long as you make yourself known to us. When lockdown is over we can continue as normal - primarily in Open Decks sessions in the SU Venue. Club nights will also be back up and running just as soon as we can make them happen.If you are interested please contact society President Oscar at Or contact us via the Instagram page: @goldsmithsdjxemsLinks avaliable on the right side :)Hope to see you soon!
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