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Are you a student of colour at Queen Mary, University of London? Are you tired of being underrepresented? Do you want to tell your story; share your opinions; and have your perspective valued?Diaspora Speaks exists for you. This magazine¬†‚ÄĒ¬†already award-winning within its first year¬†‚ÄĒ¬†features writing from students of colour.¬†It is the first of its kind at the university because¬†diversity for us is not a bullet point at the end of a list.¬†It is a priority. A lack of diversity is abnormal and diversity is normal.Our¬†journalistic¬†environment illuminates the voices of the diaspora,¬†projects minority perspectives, and invites you on a journey to find your identity. We want to nurture independent thought and fresh perspectives. We accept and publish a range of work such as articles, creative writing, personal essays, photography, artwork, and much more.¬†Our columns include Features; Culture & Lifestyle; Media; First-Person;¬†Style & Beauty; and Expression.¬†There is a space¬†for everyone.¬†This isn‚Äôt a space in which one feels limited; this is a space to break the boundaries of writing and artistry as we know it.¬†We will regularly publish all your work on our website, and you'll have the opportunity to be published in print. If you wish to¬†improve your writing and journalistic abilities,¬†attend any of our many workshops and events.¬†We‚Äôre always on the hunt for new contributors: writers, artists, photographers, and creatives of any kind. Get involved here¬†and choose from three types of¬†membership: Standard Annual (¬£5) Associate (alumni/staff/guests)¬†Annual (¬£7) Semester 1 (¬£3)Students of colour and students¬†from ethnic minority backgrounds are welcome.
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