Debate Society

Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)




QMBL Debate Society is one of the most active and social societies on campus, presenting a fun and interesting environment that anyone is welcome to come along and take part in. We meet twice a week for debates and discussions designed for everyone to be able to participate and contribute. Our society is the perfect place to build and develop effective communication skills that will be valuable throughout your life, within university and afterwards. If you find yourself struggling with presentations, tested by interviews or just feeling like improving your ability to get your point across in conversation, the Debate Society is the best place to get help and practice in these vital areas.We're a large society that holds regular social events and maintains a friendly environment, and also provides opportunities to meet your fellow students and get to know them. There's plenty of room for conversation both within sessions and outside, in the pub or other organised socials we hold throughout the year.While this year is going to be a bit different, we are striving to ensure that all the same opportunities are available. For the moment, sessions will be held online via MS Teams. Follow us on the social media above for up-to-date information.If you think that this sounds like the sort of group you'd like to get involved in, here's how:1) Follow us on social media for the most updated information2) Join one of our twice-weekly sessions at 6:30 pm on Mondays (general sessions) and Wednesdays (training sessions). These will be hosted on MS Teams - please join our official team here: Buy a membership here on the QMSU page - £5 for a whole year of debate fun, including top-notch training from an external trainer and competition opportunities See you there!