Data Science Society

Data Science Society

University College London (UCL)

UK's largest data science society dedicated to spreading passion and knowledge for data analytics and machine learning!




Hello world! Welcome to the UCL Data Science Society!   Who we are  At the UCL DSS, we are a community of tech-driven change-makers. Everything we do we do because we believe in the potential that machine learning has to reimagine the way we do business, the way we exist as societies, and the way we solve our most pressing challenges.   What we do Driven by our belief, we seek to light the spark of data science across the UCL community by: - Spreading Awareness of the power AI has to define our future, through top-of-the-line speaker keynotes and conferences. - Spreading Knowledge on the building blocks of machine learning, through hands-on beginner workshops and tutorials. - Spreading Opportunity to build a career in data science, through unique events like hackathons and networking opportunities with companies driving innovation in their fields using data science.  The Future Awaits You Whether you have absolutely zero clue of coding yet crave to learn about the potential AI has to revolutionize the future, or you dream with the beauty of deep neural networks and cannot wait to show off your skills to leading companies, we have the perfect event for you. Ready to hop on to the AI train? Be sure to check out our website, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, and look out for updates on our Meet The Committee social to get to know our team better! The field of the future awaits us, fellow change-maker! The UCL DSS community are glad to have you on board!   
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