Czech and Slovak Society

University College London (UCL)




Are you Czech, Slovak or interested in Czech and Slovak cultures? This is your chance to meet like-minded people and explore these two central-European cultures at UCL! In the past we organised a variety of socials, ranging from pub crawls and Czech pub visits to picnics, film and board game nights. In the 2019/20 academic year you can look forward to events such as:Welcome Back DrinksFreshers' DrinksMovie Nights Regular Pub SocialsCultural Exchange Socials We also regularly hold Czech and Slovak conversation classes. Come along to learn our beautiful languages and discover our great cultures!Feel free to join our Facebook page or come meet us at any of our socials. Come and feel at home, while living away from home. For all the news and events info, subscribe to our new newsletter here. Těšíme se na Vás! Tešíme sa na Vás! Our committeePresident: Debora ŠepetkováTreasurer: Pavel ŠtěchSocial Secretary: Jiří DoleželCommunications Officer: Štěpánka HavlováWelfare Officer: Sára KahánkováLanguages and Volunteering Officer: Beth Janečková