Cycling Club

University College London (UCL)




We are a Cycling Club that caters for all of your bicycle related needs! Whether you are a keen bike commuter or the next Tadej Pogańćar, UCL Cycling Club is the club for you!With the developing situation, we will be trying our hardest to provide rides that are both fun and safe. Our most regular ride is Regents park laps on Wednesday afternoon, we keep it at a social pace and then ramp up the pace towards the end if the group is feeling it. We have longer weekend rides which go¬†into the countryside from London, the route is up to whoever is going to lead it that week but they are a usually social pace.After a successful year this past year for UCLCC with several great results in club colours, we are developing a Race Team¬†to support our more competitive cyclists in both their training and competition. So for those already serious about cycling, or for those who are keen to compete at a new sport: this could be for you!Our memberships:Commute membership¬†this year will be for anyone that feels they need a little extra support and advice for commuting in London. We will be holding sessions on safe commuting, bike care and even how to prevent bike theft in London.Social membership¬†allows members to attend all rides throughout the week and come along to all of our great socials!Race membership¬†gives individuals the opportunity to race in all our BUCS events (Time Trial - ITT and TTT, Road Race, Triathlon, Track, Downhill, Cyclocross and Duathlon) as well as all of the British Cycling (BC) and local races running throughout the season. Members of our club including Category 1 racers to Category 4, so all are welcome and will be given a session on how racing works within BC.Join our Facebook Group (UCL Cycling Club 2021-22)¬†and follow us on Instagram (UCLCyclingClub) for any details!And don't hesitate to drop us a message or email. We are a super friendly and fun club, that is welcoming to all!¬†¬†This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited¬†¬†UCL¬†Cycling Club have signed the¬†Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.