Greenwich Club Penguin Society

University Of Greenwich




Weither your a secret agent in the Elite Penguin Force or a ninja of the ancient art of "Card Jitsu", or even just a regular penguin! Our society gives a warm welcome to all penguins.If you would like a space to help you forget your problems, get settled into university life and meet new friends, this is the perfect society for you. We have many fun events available through out the year inspired by Club Penguin. Purchase a membership, so you don't miss out on the fun.If you played Club Penguin in your childhood, this society will bring back the nostalgic feeling of waddling around and meeting new friends on the Club Penguin Island.We will be hosting regular meet ups for our members, which include movie nights related to the Club Penguin parties and take overs, game nights such as "Card Jitsu" tournaments using a real "Card Jitsu" deck! As well as monthly themed parties like "Coins for Change". We also hope to have fun trips together, like visiting the Penguin beach at the London Zoo.No polar bears allowed. Sorry Herbert P. Bear!Some events are subject to change and cancellation due to Covid-19, but we can still proceed with equal amounts of fun through virtual activities and events if necessary.