City Check Mate Society

City, University Of London



We believe chess teaches a robust strategic mindset that is useful in business, finance, law, academia ‚Äď and virtually all parts of life.¬†Research shows that chess has an unique ability to develop and improve skills in problem solving, creativity, logical reasoning, critical thinking, concentration, awareness, systems thinking, patience and sportsmanship. This is a beautiful game - played for thousands of years!¬†Chess is fun, exciting, thrilling - but also, social. In our weekly¬†Chess Gatherings,¬†we focus both on practicing and training each other, but we also focus on having a good hang-out. We serve snacks, drinks and play some relaxing lounge music in the background. Here is the place to enjoy a friendly chit-chat with your friend, while improving your skills!¬†Check Mate Society is more than yet another chess club. We host interesting Special Events every month where we do something out-of-the-box (Distraction Chess, Cshes Chess,¬†and a field trip to the¬†London Chess Classic¬†to watch the World Champion Grandmasters compete, are among such Special Events).¬†All this leads up to our largest event - the Annual Checkmate. This event is held in March, every year. It is a Grand Chess Tournament (with players from other universities also competing), and a celebration of Higher Education, Higher Learning and Smart thinking. Don't stress - even if you're not good at chess, we advise you to join the tournament. This is a perfect place to get some tournament experience. The Winner of the Annual Checkmate becomes the¬†Checkmate Master¬†of that year.¬†The Society is perfectly open to¬†anyone -¬†whether you are a complete beginner, or a chess expert. Beginners get introductory and beginner lessons by our coaches, to ensure that they are introduced to the beautiful game in a friendly and nice manner. And for the experts, well, pawn to E4!Join us today!