Christian Union

London Metropolitan University




Have you wondered what first century Christianity was like? How did the early Christians survived the persecutions without having the Bible in the format we read it today? Have you found some scriptures really hardly acceptable in the light of today's culture? Do you think there are serious contraditictions in the Bible? Have you been struggling with the practical approach to the Chrsitian faith, or been disappointed by the hypocrisy you might have seen at church or at home? These are all questions and isseus we have encountered at one time or another but often have found no particular answers to. So, many end up getting disinterested and sometimes even appalled by Christianity. Let's go back to suqare one and find out what it is that actually tick some or even ourselves off, and what did Jesus and the apostles' message really mean by studying the scriptures, referring back to the roots and learning together how to extend love to all people as they did. The Christian Union at LMU aims to unite all students of the Christian faith together. It's a safe space for discussion and celebration of our faith. If you are passionate about the truth and looking to share some of your time and experience with others, you will not be disappointed. Differences are accepted, opinions are heard and respected, help is always available. Let's take on this journey together!