Christian Union

Imperial College London (ICL)




The Christian Union is a group of people who want to know Jesus Christ better and tell everyone about him. We welcome all people from all backgrounds, both those who have already accepted Jesus as their Saviour and those who are interested in investigating his claims, whether or not you have done so before! As a society we want to give everyone at Imperial the opportunity to investigate the claims of Jesus, because we believe Jesus is relevant for all people through all time, including today at Imperial College! We have a weekly meeting to equip and inspire one another by looking at the Bible, and a variety of events throughout the year to help as many people as possible have a place to thoughtfully consider who Jesus really is. We work closely with many of the other Christian societies at Imperial to provide events across Imperial's campuses. If you put your faith in Jesus Christ as your only hope of salvation, we hope you will want to join us in telling others about him. If you would not call yourself a Christian, but have questions or would like to learn more, we hope you will come and talk to us. You can always contact us at if there's anything you want to ask!