Christian Medical Fellowship

Imperial College London (ICL)

About Christian Medical Fellowship
Imperial College's Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) exists to unite medical students and equip them to live for Jesus at university. Whether you're a fresher or final year, grad-entry or intercalating, committed Christian or questioning - everyone is welcome to join!We are here to support and encourage Christian medics in their faith, engage with those who have questions about Christian beliefs and navigate through the challenges of medicine together.So what do we do? Our monthly 'main meetings' are a platform to discuss relevant ethical issues. We love to spend time together at lunch meets and socials for guaranteed fun, and this is where we can build lasting friendships. Our 'families' scheme is a great way to get to know a range of medics from different years closely and you can call on them for anything from catch ups and academic advice to prayer!Other highlights of our year include an awesome CU/CMF weekend away, Christmas dinner, evangelism events such as Text-a-toastie as well as our annual 'tour' to CMF national student conference!We absolutely love welcoming new members, so if you are coming to Imperial and are interested in CMF, feel free to contact our president Sam at