Chinese Traditional Painting and Calligraphy Society

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About Chinese Traditional Painting and Calligraphy:Chinese ink painting, a traditional art style, has been carried forward since the Tang Dynasty (AC 618-907), and it was in vogue during the period of Song (960-1279) and Yuan (AC 1271- 1368) dynasty. Here, the beauty of traditional Chinese culture can be experienced with aesthetic appreciation in this modern and multicultural metropolis. Please come and join us! Create your own masterpiece with the magic brush in your hand, find like-minded friends, explore and unveil the charm of traditional Chinese art! Our Aims:Chinese Traditional Painting and Calligraphy Society (CTPC) provides a platform for the study and communication of Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy, as well as organises and participates in cultural events in order to promote Chinese traditional culture overseas. The society events comprise of weekly workshops (including taught sessions and practicing) in both English and Chinese, fairs and activities related to Chinese culture and festivals, along with exhibitions of our members’ masterpieces. We warmly welcome members at all levels (beginners too!) and from all cultural backgrounds. Whether if you are enthusiastic about Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy, or want to experience an exceptional Chinese culture in your leisure time, CTPC can always meet your need!Essential Information for 2020-2021:All the activities in Term 1 will be held online and each week we will host an online workshop. During that time, we will be giving calligraphy tutorials and you may ask us any question related to practicing calligraphy. We are hoping to host in-person activities in Term-2, however, this cannot be guaranteed due to uncertain COVID-19 situations in the future, and we will have to wait for the latest policies of the UK and the Students Union.Since in-person activities are unavailable in Term 1, REMOTE MEMBERSHIP (FREE) will be sufficient to attend our online workshops at the moment. When in-person activities have began, you will need to buy the 5pounds membership fee. Term 1 online workshops:There will be 12 calligraphy workshops in total. During this course you will learn about:-- How to use the four essential equipment of calligraphy (Oct 7th)-- Basic background knowledge of Chinese calligraphy history and the most important calligraphers of each dynasty-- Basic strokes in Yanzhenqing style (regular script) with Chinese phrases-- How to write your own pieceOur latest workshops and events will be posted on Facebook, Instagram as well as in MS Teams.Equipment Preparation:We strongly recommend all members to prepare the essential equipments for calligraphy, so that you can practice calligraphy while attending our tutorials. All activities in October will not require these equipments so that hopefully you will have time to prepare. The equipments that you will need are as follow: a Chinese calligraphy brush, Chinese calligraphy liquid ink (and a plate to fill the ink), Xuan paper, (and to avoid you table getting dirty with ink, you can put newspaper or something similar underneath the paper).Our recommended store (in London Chinatown) and Amazon links can be found on our Facebook and Instagram, under the post of 'Essential Information'.