Chinese Art Society

University Of Roehampton




Welcome to Roehampton Chinese Play Society This is a dancing worldSimple, clean, beautiful, elegantDance is a gift from God to everyone We welcome any Roehampton students and staff who are interested in Chinese dance and culture.Don't worry! Regardless of whether you have a dancing foundation or not, if you have a passion for dancing, we welcome you! What can I do?Performance class: You can try Chinese traditional dance, music, drama, etc.Cultural activities: You can participate in different types of art and culture and feel different artistic atmosphere. (e.g. Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, Calligraphy, Tea Art, etc.)Art theatre: You can enjoy different arts from China and the West (e.g. dance, music, drama, etc.). This is free!Of course, if you have certain talents, we will provide you with the opportunity to perform on stage.       (Due to COVID-19, our event is temporarily held online) After reading so much about us, what are you still hesitating?Hurry up and join the Chinese Play Society, there must be unexpected surprises!