Cheese Grater Magazine

University College London (UCL)




The Cheese Grater Magazine is UCL's own version of Private Eye, combining investigative journalism with dry wit and satire to create a unique niche amongst UCL societies. The magazine has previously won Best Small Budget Publication at the Guardian Student Media Awards, Best Publication at the UCL Arts Awards two years in a row, and last year we won Best Media Piece and Best Event. Former members have gone on to write for New Statesman, New Scientist and The Times. Our investigative team hold meetings every Monday to discuss the latest stories breaking on campus, which have included issues of sexual assault and the eugenics scandal at UCL, and our humour branch meet on Tuesdays to develop hilarious articles and cartoons for publication. In addition to the Investigations and Humour sections of the magazine, we publish an independent feminist zine called Grater Expectations. The Zine is published termly (or thereabouts) and provides a space for humour, essays, articles and cartoons with an intersectional feminist outlook, with members meeting every other Thursday to write and discuss.These two publications are accompanied by Cheese Grater's very own comedy sketch group, the UCL Graters. The Graters formed in 2011 and have taken a show to the Edinburgh Fringe every year since (apart from 2020), as well as organising and performing in mixed bills held in Mully's bar throughout the year and meeting for a writing workshop every Wednesday. Our most recent Fringe Show, Clothesline, was a sketch-play hybrid in collaboration with UCL Drama Society, which won a four star review and fantastic audience reactions. Our latest comedy mixed bill on campus, in collaboration with Laugh 4 Change, won Best Event at the UCL Arts Awards 2020. The Graters place a high emphasis on collaboration and originality and are the most exciting option for aspiring comedy performers at UCL. UCL Cheese Grater Magazine has signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.