Calisthenics Club

University College London (UCL)

About Calisthenics Club
What is Calisthenics?   κάλος (Kallos) – Beauty σθένος (Sthenos) – Strength Calisthenics and street workout is a discipline of exercise that focuses on building strength and functional movement using minimal equipment and bodyweight training.  No Gym? No Problem! Here at UCL Calisthenics Club, we are a community of friendly students who support and learn from each other in order to keep taking our training to the next level. Whether you have never done a sit-up in your life, are thinking of trying something new or supplementing your training, or have already mastered several tricks, UCL Calisthenics is the place for you.  Whether your goals are to get started with fitness, build a better physique, or pull off some impressive moves, here we hope we can work towards those together. Regular trainings will take place online, on campus and at a couple of parks (check out our Facebook page for more info!). Just turn up, you don’t need to bring anything but yourself and some water! If you have any questions, let us know by emailing us or messaging us on our Facebook page :)