Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club

University College London (UCL)




Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling martial art which promotes the concept that proper technique can overcome untrained strength and that a martial art needs to constantly pressure test its techniques to actually work. BJJ focuses on getting to the fight to the ground using takedowns, and then advancing to a dominant position on the ground using sweeps and passes where joint-locks and chokeholds can be used to end the fight. We train for both competition and self defense. The Club UCLBJJ is very welcoming to new members, from complete beginners to experienced grapplers especially considering out members already vary greatly in experience, fitness level and grappling skill.Our coaches are highly experienced and highly accomplished grapplers, who frequently compete at high levels so they will still have lots to teach despite the fact that we can't currently train normally.UCLBJJ also has a tight-knit active and inclusive community, being the second largest martial arts/combat sports society with frequent socials and a welcoming environment on the mats. Whilst we cannot meet in person we will be running regular online socials available to all members from the free remote members to the full members. We will have a wide variety of socials from UFC and BJJ event watch parties, to game nights and pub evenings. Everyone is welcome!Our Classes The partner classes will be for paying members only and will focus on drills and technique development. The solo classes will be open to all members. They will focus on building strength, power, mobility and flexibility, and learning BJJ specific movements and concepts. If you don’t have a partner in your household, the partner classes are still completely accessible as we provide resources on how to cheaply construct a grappling dummy, which will work almost as well as a real human. If you can’t make a class due to time zone issues or other reasons, don’t worry! We record all our classes into our paying members content library.The content library currently contains over 50 videos and is quickly growing to help you learn all aspects of the sport, from fitness to wrestling, guard passing, and everything else you need to start learning BJJ. Additionally, it has clipped class videos to help you focus on specific aspects of the sport or choose a fitness class to follow. There are also exclusive technique videos, with some from BJJ world champions, so you are definitely getting your money’s worth!Memberships£25 Full Membership- Gives you access to everything: in person classes when possible, online solo and partner classes, exclusive partner class recordings, the content library and socials.£10 Remote Activity Membership- Gives you access to online solo and partner classes, exclusive partner class recordings, the content library and socials. This membership can be refunded at any time if you wish to upgrade to full membership.Free Remote Membership- Gives you access to all the socials and newsletters so you can be part of the community or find out more about the club. You can upgrade this membership at any point to either tier if you wish to become more involved. Class TimesSaturday 11:40-12:35 Sunday 15:25-16:20 Monday 15:10-16:05 Monday 16:25-17:20 Wednesday 11:25-12:20 Zoom links to classes are shared to all members by email. Pride in Sport Accredited