Boardgames and Tabletop RPG Society

King's College London (KCL)




KCL Board Games and Tabletop Society is the place to find all the board game and RPG support you need while at KCL.  We run weekly Board Game Afternoons hosted every Saturday afternoon in the SU building at Guys Campus. Meet people to play a game from the Society's collections, people's personal collections, or anything you want to bring! We currently require you to bring masks, check in, and sanitise appropriately in keeping with public health guidelines. The Society also currently offers support for Tabletop RPGs through our discord server. We have a group building server, offer free rulebook pdfs for most rpgs upon request, and have experienced GMs/players who are happy to offer advice and support. We will offer a One Shot RPG Event every semester organized by the society to help connect GMs and players. Society room bookings are currently not being offered; this may change as the Covid-19 situation develops. Finally, the society is looking to expand its online presence with the development of a new discord server. We will be offering online board and party games, one-off RPG events, and some film screenings there. Join us at - - for society updates and activities.  More information and contact info can be found at the society Facebook page and Discord server bellow so head over to those to see what we’re doing