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Hi and welcome to BioMed Soc! If you study BMB at Imperial you will be automatically inducted into this society. We are a departmental society that represents all BMB students, and our main objective is to be a source of welfare, guidance and fun for all the biomedical scientists out there - even during exam season, we promise ;) Typical events we host throughout the year range from social events such as annual dinners, pub crawls and cocktail nights, to more academic/career based proceedings such as module choice talks, company presentations and revision sessions. We also have a Mums and Dads scheme to ensure new students get personal support from 2nd and 3rd year students - and friends for life! People say the years you’ll spend at Imperial will no doubt be one of the greatest and most awesome times in your life; BMB is no different! Please feel free to email or Facebook any of us if you have any other questions. Love, your BMBSoc committee xxx
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