Believers' LoveWorld Society

Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)




 At Believers’ Loveworld, what we do is simple - we bring you God in his simplicity! We will show you that there is no need to TRY to FIND God, or to seek a way to live a fulfilling life; we bring you a message where God is the one who came in search of you, and we will show you how a young person can live the God life – simply. If you have met, and believe in Jesus Christ, then you're in the right place.If you are in search of God or in need of him, you belong here.And if you are not sure who God is, then WELCOME, we have been expecting you!We hold weekly bible study meetings every Thursday evening at 6:00pm - a beautiful opportunity to delve into the word of God and find the answers to mysteries and secrets. Contact:President: Benedict - mobile: 07415907231Email: blwqueenmary@gmail.comFollow us on instagram: @blwqueenmaryCheck out our family on instagram: @blwukzoneb