Bar Society

University Of Greenwich




The Bar Society at the University of Greenwich is aimed at any student who wishes to pursue a career as a barrister or anyone who has a genuine interest in life at the bar!The main aim of our society is to make sure you have the necessary knowledge and experience to help you make informed career choices and succeed as an advocate at the bar, by providing help and information about the application process, areas of practice and the realities of life at the bar.We noticed that the Solicitor route is quite popular among students at the university, but for those wanting to chose the Bar, there was a lack of support and extra-ciricular activities to help strengthen our CVs!We have many exciting events planned for the upcoming year including talks by professionals, workshops, advocacy competitions, court visits, annual dinners and of course social events too!If you have any questions or would like to stay up to date with us follow us on social media:Alternatively you can e-mail us. Please watch our welcome video:Here is a short video from the Bar Council explaining the wonders of the bar: From everyone at the Bar Society - thank you and we hope to see you soon! 
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