BAME in the City

King's College London (KCL)



We host activities and events for BAME students looking to get into finance, consulting and law! King's BAME in the City Society aims to bridge the gap between BAME students and competitive industries. Our events will promote career opportunities, provide insight into specific divisions and the overall recruitment process with firm representatives, equipping members with key knowledge to pursue their career aspirations in the most competitive graduate job sector. We ensure that students have the knowledge, encouragement, commercial awareness and skills to beat the unconscious bias that still persists in many industries and secure incredible opportunities. We will offer a broad range of opportunities to help students succeed. #DrivingDiversityAndInclusionCreate a network and platform for BAME students at KCLImprove diversity and inclusion in firms in the CityImprove commercial awareness of students Open doors for opportunities in industries across the city such as Banking, Consulting and Law Host networking, workshops, skill sessions, application help and socials!  This group is open to all. Remember to purchase a STANDARD MEMBERSHIP so you can come to our events!