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Welcome! We are the 2021-2022 committee of Queen Mary's Baking Society!After a pretty stressful pandemic, we're here to help you socialise and relax. We have numerous ideas for events for you to enjoy, and we're always open to any suggestions. If you can't make any of our in-person events, don't worry; most things you'll be able to participate in virtually, but we'd love to see you join us in person if possible!Note: I've spoken to the Student Union and we have added a special discounted membership for those who signed up last year at a price of £2.50. Available NOW! In addition to that, some of our events will most likely be discounted for those of you who signed up last year as well.What We Have To OfferHere's some of our preliminary ideas; feel free to participate in as much or as little as you want!  Weekly drop-in sessions. Bring home-baked goods! Share your own creations and try others'. We'll try and find some cool spots to host these mini baking-mukbangs, ranging from pretty local parks to insta-worthy cafe's. Global Potluck. We'd love to participate once again in this previously huge success. This event is a huge meet-and-eat food event partnering with a bunch of other societies. To enter either pay a small fee or bring a food contribution! Charity Bake Sales. Bring baked goods to sell so we can raise money for a variety of charities. Donate if you can! Workshops. Whether you need some guidance, you want to share your own expertise, or you just want another excuse to socialise, these monthly bake-along sessions will be a blast. We're also trying to organise some more professional hosts, ranging from local bakers to online chef presenters. (Note: Initially we may not be able to use the kitchens. If that is the case, we will host digital bake-alongs as a replacement.) Bake-offs. Up for a competition? Compete against other members of the society, or even other unis, to win some cool prizes. Weekly Newsletter. Sign up to receive a weekly newsletter filled with stories and recipes for you to enjoy. We're looking for at least one editor who can help us with this! End-Of-Year Great British Bake Off. One thing we'd love to try and organise is a GBBO-style competition. A marquee, judges, hopefully some good weather, and baking; what more could you want?Our events are restricted to members so make sure you buy a membership so you don't miss out!How We Can Accomodate YouWe strive to make our society as accessible and inclusive as possible. Lot of our events/resources will be available online. We're diversity friendly; this is a safe place for everyone of all cultures and identities. Financial help will be available on an individual basis.Equipment and IngredientsFor certain events, such as the GBBO, we will provide the ingredients. In general though, please use and bring your own ingredients and equipment. But, please don't let anything stop you from baking or participating in any events! If you need us to purchase any equipment or ingredients, we'll happily do our best to get you sorted.So How Can You Get Involved? Join the Facebook group, DM us on Instagram, or contact any of our committee's members. Purchase your membership. Stay updated via the social pages or the WhatsApp group chat. (Twitter and hopefully a website incoming!)That's it! You're all set!If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to email us or DM us on Instagram or Facebook.CommitteePresident - Nish Ranasinghe ( - Hina Tamai ( and Events Manager - Nour Salah ( (Nour will sadly be unable to stay with us. If you are interested in the role, we'll be selecting someone in September.)In addition to that, we're looking for an editor for the newsletter, as well as a social secretary or two, and a welfare officer. If you'd be interested in applying for any of those positions, please contact us via the president, email, or one of our social pages. ContactEmail - bakingsociety@qmsu.orgFacebook page- QMUL Baking SocietyInstagram - @qmulbakingsoc
Food & Beverage