Badminton Club

University College London (UCL)




Do you like fun? Do you like making friends? Do you like keeping fit? Then UCL Badminton is PERFECT for YOU! If you don’t like any of these, come along anyway, we might surprise you!We've been allowed to resume activity this year and most of our activity takes place at:Somers Town Community Sports Centre, 134 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1RXCome along to attend one of our team trials or taster sessions across 2 weeks starting from 02/10/2021! If you're sure you will be joining our regular social sessions, feel free to purchase our social membership (which will be required after the taster sessions are over). Team membership should only be purchased once your place on one of our teams has been confirmed.After getting necessary membership, you need to book yourself a slot in order to be able to attend. Members are limited to one slot a week (we will adjust this according to the number of members. We release slots for the week usually on Tuesday or Wednesday and booking closes on Friday or when slots are full. Slots are booked on picktime. If the link does not work, then it has been taken down as we do the admin between sessions and weeks.Below are the rules for our sessions during this period of time:1. Turn up only at your designated slot. You will not be allowed in early or allowed to stay late. You should be let in at 5 past the hour and asked to leave at 5 to the hour. 2. Do not mingle with people outside of your slot or with other courts3. Play only singles at this point in time as doubles play has limitations4. Use the shuttles given to your court and do not take shuttles from other courts.5. Come ready to play as use of changing rooms is not allowed.6. Bring your own racket. If you don't have a racket then wait at your designated court and a committee member will see what can be done.7. Enter quickly and in an orderly manner and leave quickly and in an orderly manner as well.8. When not playing, maintain social distancing and wear a mask if possible.To keep up to date with the club, make sure to follow us on Instagram, and Facebook!Feel free to send us a message on any platform or drop us an email!If you're still not convinced (you probably are), prepare yourself...We're consistently one of the largest 3 sports societies in UCL with over 200 members last year! We cater for all abilities; we have players that have played internationally, as well as players that have never even held a racket before! On the competitive level men’s, women’s and mixed teams represent the club in the BUCS and LUSL leagues. Both our Men's first and women's team play in BUCS Premier Division (not bad ey?). Our club is consistently ranked by BUCS in the top 3 university badminton clubs in the South-East of the United Kingdom, including the whole of London, currently above Kings ;)This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited