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For Fresher's fair please join us in our Whatsapp Welcome Chat! usHere at ANZoc, we aim to help students from Australia and New Zealand settle into the LSE; by organising various events to meet, socialise and have fun with other Antipodeans! However, we welcome all LSE students to join and come along to our various events, learn a little bit about our two great countries and have a whole lot of fun too.As well as this, we hope to enrich members’ LSE experiences by hosting prominent Antipodeans, be it in business, diplomacy or social entrepreneurship at ANZoc events and giving our members a platform to discuss their experiences.Last year we hosted Menna Rawlings CMG for a great talk, as well as several social events (how good does a winter BBQ sound?!). Can't wait for more exciting things to come!We also aim to uphold the strong cultural traditions that unify these two great nations, giving members the opportunity to enjoy just a little taste of home on the other side of the world.Finally and most importantly, get ready for some bloody tops gavos, bev ups and overall great chat. Welcome to LSE! Membership We have a very straight-forward membership system, it is £2 for access to all of our events throughout the year! How good does that sound? We strive to maintain a low membership fee in order to encourage more students to join, and this single membership is all you need for a year of socials, speakers and events! We understand that the COVID-19 situation has put many of us in a challenging situation, so don't worry - our membership fees won't be rising at all! You can still enjoy ANZoc in all it's glory for the same low price. Events and Activities Welcome event: State of Origin virtual viewing party to be held via conference call, live streaming the match including ice-breaker games and drinks Welcome Sausage Sizzle – renting an outdoor space with plenty of ventilation and space to accommodate social distancing measures. Depending on guidelines from the UK government, and from the LSESU, it would ideally be an in person BBQ with distancing If online, will instead do online pub quiz or social event via Zoom. Virtual trivia night on Australia/New Zealand history, sport, culture and film Summer Christmas Party – for those of us used to heat in December, a party (whether socially distanced or online) to help students adjust to the London cold and to a cold festive season!And so much more!