Assassins Guild

Imperial College London (ICL)




**** NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT THOSE INVOLVED **** '19th October 2012: He encountered me in the corridor to the lecture theatre, he called my name and raised the pistol, my assassin senses tingled and made me turn and flee, I dodged the first two shots and he gave flight. I evaded him and he gave up, I drew the Eyelander and tentatively returned to the lecture. Spying him sitting in the corner I ran to engage him in combat, but alas he fired and hit me in the torso; here marks the end of Demoman and Eyelander...'***************************************************************** The Assassins Guild stages a main game every term. The game is simple enough, every player is given another player's details and has to track them down and mock kill them. We have a pretty comprehensive list of weapons but all players may invent armaments of their very own (so long as they are safe). We have reports of paper shurikens, sock flails and polystyrene fridges (dropped from a window) all being used in assassinations. Just let your imagination run wild! We also play a game called Patrol, fortnightly to monthly on Friday evenings. At Patrol, assassins gather to shoot each other with Nerf pistols (provided) for honour and sugary prizes! Membership is 2 pounds and the amount of effort you put in is up to you so there is no excuse not to give it a try!