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International Affairs


Asiatic Affairs is UCL’s first and only society focused on current affairs and issues in Asia. As a society focused on a continent as heterogeneous as Asia, we value inclusivity and aim to represent different areas of the continent through our work. By actively engaging with issues pertinent to the region, we aim to expand individual perspectives and build a community passionate about Asiatic affairs.From Politics to Culture, the wide range of topics we cover showcases Asia's dynamic nature. We hope to raise awareness and increase constructive engagement with issues concerning Asia, Asians, and the Asian diaspora through our events and online publications. Join us to gain access to socials and academic talks, or to produce content on any issue in Asia you are passionate about.  Want to get involved?We would love to have you in our team! Whether you’re interested in writing, producing content on our podcast, or engaging with current affairs with your peers, simply purchase membership here to join the Asiatic Affairs community! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get in touch, and don’t forget to visit our website for the latest publications.Asiatic Affairs is a proud alliance society of the Bentham Brooks Institute, a student-led think tank encompassing a bespoke research program to produce peer-reviewed, high quality research policy papers to influence policy-makers and influential figures. Formed by an alliance of 5 of the biggest international affairs societies at UCL, BBI will benefit from vast resources of these societies, a decorated board of advisors and a robust organisational framework of BBI to scrutinise and find the solutions to the problems facing us today.
International Affairs