Artificial Intelligence

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About Artificial Intelligence
We are a society focused on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we regularly host dank workshops, dope panels with gafa experts, and funky interactive events throughout the year. Our goal is to make learning AI fun. Everyone can join, including non-CS major students. For our society, you don't really need any prerequisite programming skills. All you need is a mind of curiosity and a brain full of fun ideas (just about anything that you define as fun). We really look forward to meeting y'all, the people, the people that'll provide different views and approaches to AI, and make a difference. Follow our Facebook group, Facebook page or Instagram to keep up-to-date with us. Have any crazy, quirky, cool ideas of using Machine Learning for something fun? Email us! Or give us a shout on Facebook. Couple fun stuff we've done: Hotdog or not hotdog classifier, turning our vice president's profile pic into Mona Lisa, rewriting lyrics of Ice Ice baby into Kanye's style and so on.
Artificial Intelligence
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