London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)




The LSESU Argentina Society is the biggest university society representing Argentina in the UK.Its main aim is to promote and present Argentine culture, history, political debates and institutions to the LSE and London student community. In order to do this, the society organises three main types of events: cultural events, political debates and public lectures. Regarding cultural events, the society has organised drinks, literary cafés, films screenings and dance lessons.In terms of political debates, there has been open discussions on sovereign debt, transparency, corruption and 2015 and 2017 elections.Finally, the Society hosted public lectures with the Chief of Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, with the Minister of Public Ethics, Transparency and Fight against Corruption, Laura Alonso, and political analysts such as Mora y Araujo and Dr. Panizza.The Society is also a way of uniting the Argentina Community by attracting students, politicians, other societies related to the continent and the Argentine Embassy to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.