Greenwich Anime & Games Society

University Of Greenwich




A warm welcome to new students at the University of Greenwich! Here at the Anime and Games society we bring all students who love gaming together to enjoy their hobbyEach Thursday at 7 o'clock, we transform the kraken room in dreadnought's Lower Deck with loads of games. Featuring card games, fighting games, console games, board games, Anime and much more. We provide something for everyone, and as we say, if we dont have it, then we can get it.If you are interested in anime then we also hold weekly viewings, also on Thursdays from 7pm, in the same place, this is where you can meet up to watch and discuss the latest and greatest shows.Lastly we also organise Dungeons and Dragons games and we are always looking for new players and Game Masters to join, just speak with any of our committee members on thursdays.We are also looking for people to join and compete in our Esports Teams - Greenwich Royals - and to participate in TCG tornaments and other tornaments / events that we hold. To find out more about our events, visit our Facebook pageFor additional updates and news, also check out our Facebook page or If you would like to contact us please send us a private message, as the Students Union or come find us in person.