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Anime If you're interested in watching anime and getting to know a fantastic bunch of like-minded individuals, the Brunel Anime Society is for you!  What is the Anime Society? Meeting  in person on campus and online at least once a week (subject to government guidelines), members of the Brunel Anime Society can get together and express their interest of Japanese animated art (otherwise known as anime) and Japanese culture in general. Anyone and everyone is free to join the society; we pride ourselves on being a diverse and inclusive community of friends and colleagues with a warm, welcoming atmosphere .When do you meet? The Anime Society will be meeting on campus and through our Discord Server this year (on campus meetups are subject to government guidelines). We screen six episodes of a selected anime for everyone once a week on a Wednesday at 6pm to 9pm. We will also be hosting a manga/bookclub event to take place on Thurdays at 5pm to 7pm.  As we know watching episodes for two hours straight can be strenuous, we make sure to have a 15 minute break in the middle of the screening. From time to time, we'll screen an anime movie instead of a series, and we'll try to host social events where possible (subject to government guidelines.).We also do events throughout the year, ranging from gaming events and karaoke to cosplay workshops and standalone movie and series screenings outside of our usual schedule. Due to the current situation all in-person meetups, all social events will be subject to government guidelines . While we have done convention trips in previous years, these will not be undertaken until social distancing regulations enable such gatherings to be held. We'll tell our members of these upcoming events at least a week in advance. The 2021/22 Executive TeamPresident: Vijai Patel ( Muhammad Arsyad HansurelSecretary: Joel Strivens ( Andreea Manolescu ( Discord: Kimiko#2073)Events Officer: Vijai PatelWeb Officer: Andreea ManolescuDisclaimer: all names above are accurate. Not a joke.  
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