Albanian Society

Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)

About Albanian Society
 The Queen Mary Albanian Society aims to bring together the relatively large Albanian community at QMUL and bring an atmosphere and dynamic that Albanians can appreciate and relate to. To do this we have an array of socials and activities planned throughout the year to keep our members engaged and entertained.The key events will be the Albanian and Kosovan Independence Day parties where we work in collaboration with other London universities to bring a huge and extravagant evening worthy enough to celebrate these two momentous days in our history. Another aim of the society is to bring awareness of the Albanian history, culture and customs to students on campus, such that even members who are not necessarily Albanian can enjoy the experience as much as anyone else. To accomodate this aim, we frequently collaborate with other London universities to bring you talks by known Albanian academics and politicians to give different insights of the world where Albanians live in; a nice change of pace from the socials. Our Team - 2021/22: President: Dorela Imeraj & Marsioleda Kemberi Vice President: Heidi Mustafa Treasurer: Rina DokajIf you wish to keep up-to-date with the society and its events we advise that you join the Facebook group or follow our Instagram page to add you into our WhatsApp group chat. *Note that all the relevant contact information can be found below.*