African Society

London Metropolitan University

About African Society
The African Society is brand new! Bare with us as the Committee gets everything ready to welcome you into the Society. Aims: 1. To unite students and help them make friends on thier course and also unite them around the area of African politics, to promote good governance and economic developments for a better Africa where there are no corruptions and conflicts in the continent. 2. To find solutions to cultural and tribal conflicts and differences among Africans in Africa. 3. To come up with the best political solutions for Africa to move forward and develop as one nation united in one continent, because of failures of the African Union to really introduce better policies that will fully promote African diasporians to settle back in Africa and contribute to the development of Africa, and also the failures to put in measures by the AU to united Africans for free movement of people and goods for business across all the artificial borders.We need solutions to all these problems and many more.