African Caribbean Medical Society

King's College London (KCL)

About African Caribbean Medical Society
KCL African Caribbean Medical Society (ACMS) was formed in 2018, drawing on inspiration from similar organisations such as ACMA UK and Melanin Medics. ACMS aims to inspire and equip African and Caribbean students to pursue careers in the field of medicine and thrive within it. We provide a platform that facilitates networking and encourages medical students and doctors to accomplish their career aspirations. BAME students are constantly treading new ground as they venture forth into medicine. From applying to medical school, working their way through it and eventually being employed as newly qualified doctors, black students often navigate these spaces as the lone black faces in an environment historically lacking in diversity. It’s easy to feel alone and isolated and ACMS was formed so that this will no longer be the case! KCL ACMS aims to connect those who have journeyed before to those who are journeying now, so that we can all benefit from the greater wealth of experience and wisdom we can share with one another.