Greenwich African and Caribbean Society

University Of Greenwich




Greenwich University's African & Caribbean Society (ACS) is a society built to cultivate and celebrate not only African and Caribbean culture, but a variety of rich and vibrant cultures and traditions to create an educational and entertaining society for everyone to enjoy!Hosting networking events, game nights, debates, alumni talks, open mic's and club nights, we aim to provide a variety of events for students to be able to effectively network and socialize with fellow students.Buy your membership to have exclusive access to news and including discounts on events. President - Deborah AdefioyeVice-President - Elyon AnkrahSports Manager - Ty WatsonEvents Planner- Marbo PICARDSocial Media- Agartha Asamoah Feel free to approach any of the committee members for more updates and information. Postions Available: - Events planner x2                                   - Social Media Officer                                  - Treasurer                                   - Sports Representative                                   - Secretary  Elections will be held for the position available. Only 6 peope will be chosen. You must purchase a memebership to apply for postions. good luck !!!