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Rolling basis


Our team is passionate about up-to-date technologies and is striving to build a world-class product. We’re looking for a motivated developer who will own the architecture and development of an end-to-end solution to one of our technical projects.

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Area of Responsibilities

Software Engineering


Engineering KPIs – Fully automate all eng KPIs collection, calculation and visualizationWysiwyg editor for the marketing – We do not have a cms yet, but in summer we plan to have one. However it would be more convenient to edit the content on HP using wysiwyg editor. An intern could get hands on implementing the yet experimental tools (not v1 yet) to our infrastructureSlido analytics – to be specifiedUltimate presentation experience – Help us build the ultimate presentation experience. You will learn about .NET, C++, Microsoft Office internals and some low level codeMeeting fun indicator – Indicate how many participants are currently interacting with Slido and how much fun they are having by making use of our new live data streams and displaying them as gaugesSame emojis on all devices – Last year we added support for emojis in polls, but in the current implementation we use emojis provided by the operating system. Help us make participant experience more consistent by having the same emojis across all devicesNew poll results visualization – Play around with various data visualizations of our polls. Some types of data representation are more suitable for different data analysis than others. Currently we can show the data in a form of bars, but there are other options. What about showing inputs from participants in a form of pie chart or histogram?Better wordcloud – Wordcloud is one of our most used poll types and we have a lot of wordcloud related feedback from customers to process. For example make the visuals of wordcloud consistent across all apps, improve styles, add animations, colors, etc. Be part of the process of figuring out what we should implement and do it!Slido Integrations – Help the integrations team to work on either Webex integration or do POC of integration with other products where it makes sense.
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Candidates pursuing Bachelors/ Masters in Computer Science or Engineering or related field.You enjoy solving new technical challenges and possess a sound understanding of areas in the basic areas of Computer Science such as Algorithms, Data Structures, Databases.You strive to write quality code – preferably in one of these languages Javascript/Typescript/Java/Python.The candidate must have good written and oral communication skills, be a fast learner and have the ability to adapt quickly to a fast-paced development environment.
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Education requirements