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Site Reliability Engineer Internship, Meraki - London Summer 2023


28d ago

🚀 Summer Internship


Rolling basis


The Meraki cloud supports millions of customer devices from 10+data centres around the world. Meraki’s customer base has grown by a factor of 2-3 every year, serving billions of HTTP requests per day globally. Our customers depend on our products to run their critical infrastructure of network switches, security appliances, wireless APs and security cameras.

SREs at Meraki are passionate about building and growing Cloud that supports our customers and networks. As a Site Reliability Engineer, you will take ownership of the reliability and growth of our scalable distributed systems and cloud infrastructure.

Our SREs strive to build, maintain and grow upon our current automation toolset while thinking of and experimenting with new and creative ways to take us into tomorrow. There is an opportunity to learn and grow and share your expertise and knowledge with others.

In this role, you will join our committed, caring, and diverse engineering team which is globally distributed between San Francisco, London and Sydney - we are an engineering-driven organization that encourages you to take the time to explore new technology and build prototypes that make us better.

Meraki internships offer you a great opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable work experience.
  • Explore a career path.
  • Develop and refine your skills.
  • Network with professionals.
  • Gain in confidence.
  • Transition into a job.
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Area of Responsibilities

Software Engineering


  • Analysing the health of our environments, use your coding skills to improve the way we operate, and debug sophisticated events while participating in a 24/7 on-call rotation.
  • Using extensive metrics within our observability stack to identify and predict potential and existing bottlenecks.
  • Working in a Ruby codebase to update and modernise a capacity script that decides in real time when we need to expand our fleet.
  • Collaborating with other Meraki engineering teams to design and build a centralised configuration management system to remove hard-coded environmental specifics.
  • Mentoring peer engineers and performing code reviews for an Ansible rollout of a database upgrade for application engineers that do not have infrastructure familiarity.
  • Using Packer to construct EC2 and VMware AMIs and Terraform to instantiate these images into the cloud.
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  • Experience with automation solutions like Ansible, Chef,
  • Scripting or coding with languages like Ruby, Scala, Go, Python, or Bash.
  • Tackling challenges impacting a large, distributed customer facing environment.
  • Daringly jump into other people's source code to seek a problem.
  • Knowing your way around *nix systems.
  • Caring about the customer experience.
  • Experience supporting an externally facing production environment.
  • Empathising with your co-workers and being a positive influence on others.
  • Passion for operational efficiency.
  • Previously used source control and CI/CD solutions such as Git,
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